Martynas Ivinskas

Martynas Ivinskas

I was born on December 15th, 1976 in Kaunas, Lithuania. After one year we’ve moved to the capital city of Lithuania – Vilnius. Here I started my school, where I was attending progressive art classes.

From the early days I was involved in the art world – my father is a photographer and mother was an architect. Our house was always full of people from the art world. I got to know them personally and grew up surrounded by them.

In highschool I was attending music school, where I played the cello. This is still a frequent image in my paintings. I love the cello.

I’ve started to paint in 1990, but it was just the silence before the storm. My personal awakening occurred in February of 2003 in NYC, and I called that POFICK. Finally my art was given form and meaning. I imagined that if Fluxus exists, Pofick could exist as well, and not only in paintings, but in other forms of art and as a unique view of the world and a type of lifestyle.

Currently I live in Vilnius, Lithuania and Los Angeles, USA.

Solo exhibitions

2019 – “DUO 02/16”, Hangar Gallery, Santa Monica, CA, USA

2017 – “Colorful Society”, Bruce Lurie Gallery, Culver City, CA, USA

2017 – “10’000 signatures”, Building Bridges Art Exchange, Santa Monica, CA, USA

2015 – “…on the maps”, Vilnius’s City hall, Lithuania

2015 – “Arithmetic of the Blocks”, Gallery “Oslo namai – Meno erdvė” Vilnius, Lithuania

2014 – Exhibition @ SC “Europa”, Vilnius, Lithuania

2014 – “Another Ivinskas”, Gallery “Oslo namai – Meno erdvė” Vilnius, Lithuania

2014 – Exhibition @ Presidential Pallace, Vilnius, Lithuania

2014 – “Musicians”, BC “VERTAS”, Vilnius, Lithuania

2013 – “Musicians”, concert hall “”, Vilnius, Lithuania

2013 – Exhibition @ B. Dvarionas music school, Vilnius, Lithuania


Group exhibitions

2019 – “Close to Far”, Consulate General of the Republic of Lithuania, Los Angeles, CA, USA

2019 – “Artist &Researcher 3”, The Hoyt Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, USA

2018 – “Women show”, FAB Factory studios, North Hollywood, CA, USA

2016 – Lithuanian Art Show, Santa Monica Art Studios, CA, USA

2016 – “Painting records” @ “Šv. Jono” gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

2016 – “Breasts. An Explorative Exhibit”, @ Oddville. A Creative Space, Los Angeles, USA

2015 – Beyond the Lines Art Show, Los Angeles, USA

2015 – Exhibitions, Fifth Annual Exposure Award @ Musee du Louvre, Paris, France

2015 – Charity Auction “Blossom of Hope”, Vilnius, Lithuania

2014 – exhibitions, Times Square, NYC, USA

2012 – The Sketchbook Project, World tour @ Brooklyn museum, NYC, USA

2011 – Cows @ SC “Europa”, Vilnius, Lithuania



2014 – Milda Ivanauskienė “Literatų gatvė”, 486 pages, ISBN 978-609-8136-05-0

2009 – Tomas Rytel “How to be rich, happy and famous”, 38 pages, ISBN – 13: 978-6094080562



2013 – CD cover for “Jazz Miniatures”

2017 – Vinyl inner sleeves for “Antique Kašpirovskis teeth”

2018 – Vinyl cover for free jazz album “Frames & Terrains”